5 Handy Tips to Optimize Customers Experiences by Testing!

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” – Steve Jobs

This is a very popular quote on Apple user experience by Steve Jobs. When a customer access a website or a product or a mobile app, the first thing he/she experiences is the UI/UX. After that only they will access the functionalities of the site/product.

It is very critical that optimizing the customer experience plays a vital role. There are various ways to do this and many tips are available. In this blog we are going to see important five tips to optimize the customer experiences by testing from my experience.   

  • Be a Listener
  • Understand the Customer
  • Collaborate
  • Be innovative
  • Take Ownership

The below mind map shows the 5 tips in graphical view:

Handy Tips For Testers

Be a Listener

Effective listening broadens our perspective. It helps us to know about our customer and behaviour.  When we listen, we go beyond simply hearing words by giving our attention to what is being said. It boosts self confidence.

Great listeners will understand things better and in turn increases our  productivity.

Understand the Customer

Understanding customers is the key tactic to deliver best quality of service. When we understand their needs and expectations, then based on that you can exceed their expectations.


In software development, most of the projects are following the agile methodology. Collaborating with the whole team becomes a mandatory one. In agile, the delivery time is short, so reporting a show stopper and other critical issues to the team is very critical in order to fix and retest the issues at the earliest. Write the bug reports in a precise and transparent manner so that everyone in the team can understand it better.

Be Innovative

Testers have to validate the requirements and the application. It is the primary and core point in testing. But it is not enough; one would want to think out of the box to discover the bugs in the product/projects with as many user scenarios as possible.  This will help to improve the quality of the delivery of product/project.

Take Ownership

Testers need to take ownership of their tasks and deliverables. Tester has to check the product/project consistently and ensures how the quality of the application is there and how can we make it better? Taking ownership without authority is a niche skill to be developed.

Hope these five tips will help nurture your skillset as a tester and helps to delight the customer.


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