AI Learning Story of QA Architect

Live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and never stop learning. – Gza

This quote and in our real life we should understand that learning is continuous thing and embrace that.

AI is becoming our part of everyday life and it is available everywhere from watches, smart phones, tablets, cars. It becomes vital for everyone to learn and understand about AI.

How I Started AI Learning?

As an experienced QA, I always willing to learn new concepts in testing and implement those into my work or side projects. One day I had a chance to read an article about AI and Machine Learning resources from Bernard Marr, whom the influencer I am following. From that article I found about the IBM’s Cognitive Class’s courses. I already had fair knowledge about Python. So, out of curiosity I’ve enrolled for the course R101 and found it interesting. Then pursued the Deep Learning with Tensorflow and couple of other Data Science Courses too. At this point, I’ve got a basic understanding of AI and Deep Learning functions. But I wanted to learn more about machine learning deeply and did some more research.

I found out the Open Source Machine Learning Library

Weka from the University of Waikato, New Zealand. It seems to be interested, since it is available in GUI.

The navigation of the tool and the workflow to achieve the tasks in my daily work was easier with the great results.

Given a session about “Test Management Evolution” and how I’ve used Weka in my work in the Testing Guild 2018. Then given an interview in test talks podcast about Weka. After that, written a blog about Leveraging Machine Learning to Predict Test Coverage.

Hope this article helps to learn about the AI learning story of QA Architect.

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