Key Learnings from Leadership by Design Course from Stanford

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

As a believer of this quote, I always strive to learn and make myself better. After learning, I am eager to implement it in my work in the appropriate place. 

In this blog, I am going to narrate my key learnings from the course “Leadership By Design”  from Stanford Continuing Studies conducted by Christopher Ireland and Maria Giudice. They are the authors of the popular Design Leadership book “The Rise of the DEO”. If you are looking forward to learning more about Leadership by Design, I would personally recommend you to add it in your reading list. 🙂

A Little Story Behind

I am working as a Product Manager in DCKAP. The DCKAP community believes in continuous learning and  I wanted to share one such experience here. 

A special Thank you to Karthik and DCKAP for sponsoring the Stanford class about Leadership by Design: Using Design Thinking to Transform Companies and Careers. I’ve enjoyed the course and completed the course successfully. 

Next,  I am going to briefly share what I’ve learned from the course.

Key Learnings

My Key learnings are in the pictorial format below:

Key learnings from Leadership by Design Course

  • The traits of great leaders are:
    • Change Agent
    • Risk Takers
    • System Thinker
    • Intuitive
    • Socially Intelligent
  • Identify your passion and work towards that.
  • How to collaborate and co-create with others and the various collaboration styles.
  • An important lesson is to learn to fail. From the failure, what I have learned is the focus is needed to complete the task.
  • We have to measure what we are doing. So, metrics matter and track that. With the metrics, I imagined and created a career map for that.
  • Learned about how to do potential networking and identify who is missing in my network.
  • The last lesson is how to evolve my leadership skills in future trends and improve my career.

I hope my learnings help you to enhance your leadership too!




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