Learning From Agile Testing Condensed

In this blog, I am going to share my learning from the book “Agile Testing Condensed” – A Brief Introduction by Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin

It is a must-read for every team who follows Agile Process. The authors have put more effort to compile and share their experiences as well as the best practices for Agile Testing.

Learnings from Agile Testing Condensed

Here are a few key learnings from the book:

  • Mindset shift needed for a successful agile testing approach.
  • Team collaboration and communication is a key to success. It is explained nicely as by the author “Synergy between practices comes from doing all these core practices together. 
  • Guiding development with concrete examples.
  • Always look at the big picture. Since in Agile, we are doing short releases. When we test the incremental changes, should not forget about the whole project/process.
  • Team’s T-Shaped skills help the project successful. Lisa has explained how each team member’s skills will complement each other and make the success. In simple words, each person will have their own niche strengths so we have to leverage that and collaborate.
  • Testing is not a single person’s responsibility and the tester’s role is saying go or no go by approving. Tester will help the product owner to make an informed decision.
  • Be a continuous learner.
  • Try small experiments with testing to make the projects successful.

Thank you so much, Janet Gregory and Lisa Crispin for writing this inspiring book!! 

Hope these learnings help you to enhance your value in your work. Watch this space to know more about testing!! Happy Testing!!


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