Roll up Your Sleeves, Lead by Example Product Manager

As a Product Manager you have to make the shit done by influence without any authority. A leader who preaches but does not act upon that won’t be able to influence the team. Always remember this, as a Product Manager/Leader you’re also a coach. You should lead by example and follow what you say. The team watches what you do and by getting guidance from you. 

Rollup your sleeves - Make dirty hands

Arrive Early and Leave on Time

Ever had a leader who rolls in at 10, also heads out at 5 after telling everyone to stay late to hit the big deadline? How ’d that work out for you? Is n’t that double standard inspiring? Don’t request  someone to work long hours if you refuse to. But on the contrary end of the scale, don’t anticipate people to work as long as you do if you regularly stay late, unless there’s a valid reason for it. When the leader leaves on time after completing their tasks in an organized manner, it motivates the team also to follow the same steps. 

Give a Hand during Crisis

When you are a product manager, it doesn’t mean that you have to move out of the daily regular work tasks.  Raise your hand and roll up your sleeves and try to prevent the team from being overwhelmed. When a crisis comes, you have to take charge and act quickly, stand with the team until they feel safe and the situation becomes better. Don’t hang back to get your hands dirty. Be cautious here, you have to be with the team when there is a need and empower the team to let them tackle the challenges.

Treat others how you want to be Treated

Treat others with respect and dignity, the way you want to be treated. The leader who fabricates the buy-in through courteous direction engrosses the team more effectively than one who yells. 

In addition to being in charge, your role as leader is to set the gold standard and follow above approaches. 

Do the opposite of what the bad leaders there did, keep a good head on your shoulders, and be willing to roll up your sleeves.


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