The Influential Product Manager – Ken Sandy

I came to know about this book  when I listened to Ken Sandy in one of his sessions. 

As I am a product enthusiast and the product manager, I wanted to read the book, so I’ve ordered the kindle version. It is worth reading and personally and I thought of sharing the key takeaways in pictorial format. Let us go into the topic.

The influential product manager

My Key Takeaways from this book:

  • Think like a Product Manager and the activities should reflect that. We have to change our mindset with the 4 powerful mindsets. They are:
    • Divergent
    • Inspect
    • Imagine
    • Convergent

Key takeaways

  • Visualize your product before building it.
  • Create a “Customer Journey” to embrace how the product changes customers’ workflow in their activities.
  • As a product manager,  you don’t have authority since no one will directly report to you. Leading through is an essential skill to master the success of the product.
  •  Author says Product managers are careful to ensure their motivations are best for the customer first, company second, team third, and themselves last.
  • Context describes the underlying reasons that guide a specific course of action or direction. It is “why” you are doing something, not “what” or “how.”
  • The below 5 key questions need to be answered before proceeding to jumping into giving a solution to the problem.
    • Who is your target customer?
    • What problem are you solving for a customer?
    • How is your customer solving the problem today?
    • What is unique in your approach to solving your customer’s problem?
    • What don’t you know yet about addressing your customer’s problem?
  • Collaborate to set priorities 

As a Product Manager, your influence depends on how you are able to negotiate with the top C-level executives, motivate the development team, and convince other stakeholders. The collaboration between the all stakeholders and make them inclusive in taking decisions on setting priorities 

  • Discover and Validate customer needs

This can be achieved by getting customer feedback continuously and reviewing and validating. It is very important that we should not stop doing that when we are in any product condition.

  • Define the right product

With the hypothesis analysis we can build the right product. Every solution needs to do this analysis and it helps to achieve this.

  • Launch for impact

When we launch the product to the market, it should give a hassle free solution for customers and should be exciting for the stakeholders. The customers should be delighted with the launch and the stakeholders also should be happy.

  • Measure Success

The product manager’s role does not end with the launch of the product.  After launching the product, PM needs to monitor the usage metrics and measure it. By analysing this, we can provide more value and serve better.

The last but not least is after focusing on the product, one should not forget about your career growth opportunities.

 The 3 P’s of Product Management.

  • Product
  • Process
  • People

History tells us that “how” you sell is just as important as “what” you sell.

I hope you enjoyed my key takeaways from the book. To know more go through the complete book from here.


The influential Product Manager – Ken Sandy



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